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McNally’s Row of Flats

Words by Ed Harrigan; Music by Dave Braham (1882)
Down in Bottle Alley, lived Timothy McNally A wealthy politician and a gentleman at that Admired by the ladies, the garsoons* and the babies (*boys), That occupy the building called McNally's Row of Flats. Chorus: There was Ireland and Italy, Jerusalem and Germany, Chinese and Africans and a paradise for rats. Jumbled up together in the snow and rainy weather They constitute the tenants in McNally's Row of flats. That great conglomeration of men from every nation The tower of Babylonium couldn't equal that. Peculiar institution where the brogues without dilution Rattled on together in McNally's Row of Flats. Chorus Bags of rags and papers, tramps and other sleepers, Ladies of the night and lots of other cats Lyin’ on the benches an dyin’ there by inches From the open ventilation of McNally's Row of Flats Chorus It never was expected that the rent would be collected They levied on the furniture, the bedding, and the slats It's then you'd see the rally as they battled down the alley Evicted from the building called McNally's Row of Flats. Chorus X2