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Erica Pagels
It’s five thousand footsteps going down to the Rue, Ushet gleams silver, the grass and the dew, The headlands hewn rough, green and windswept and free, The wild furrowed sea. Rue Lighthouse is watching the sea in the dark, Her golden heart beaming pure light in an arc, A cormorant circles, and croaks what she knows, Warning the ships from the shoals. CHORUS: Island of my heart, May your light keep, and hold time apart, Shine across the deep, Isle of my heart. I’ve dry-docked in Belfast, hauled nets in the North, Across the Atlantic I’ve dragged back and forth, A pure living diamond with sure friends and kin, Clear, timeless Rathlin. CHORUS The world is a cloud of confusion and sound, Greed and false leaders and meanness confound, The heart feels a tide rise, and Rathlin stays true, Drawing you back to the Rue. CHORUS

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