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Dónal and Mórag

Traditional / Proinsias Ó Maonaigh
Chorus: Dónal, 'sé Dónal, 'sé Dónal a rinne an bhainis Dónal agus Mórag A rinne an bhainis ainmeall Chorus x2 There were many noble people there The country folk from Scotland and The school master, the minister And the bold McAuley there Chorus With hens and geese in numbers there, Sea birds by the dozen there, Of all of it, the favorite feast It was the chickens they preferred Chorus Salmon, trout from the Erne, Abundancy of game and birds Prime beef and veal the tastiest Roasted lamb and venison Chorus Drinks were full and generous, With wine and Spanish brandy and Still potcheen and honey mead From Ireland there was ale and beer Chorus 4x
English translation by Shay Black

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