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Pat Molloy

Traditional Arrangement Michael Black
Now young Pat Molloy, an Irish boy, well he came from the County Clare Says he I'll go to London, for the see the beauty there For I've oft times heard that London was a very pretty place, So bedad says he I'll go and see if that's the blooming case." Now when Pat arrived in London he was taken by surprise For the size of that great city fairly dazzled Paddy's eyes. Now while dodging on quite easy meditating to himself Well he met with a ragged Cockney with a donkey selling delph. Now this ragged ill-bred Cockney wouldn't let poor Paddy pass. Saying come and speak to your brother, while he pointed to the ass. Well bedad says Pat I never knew that I had a brother here And with that he stooped and whispered into donkey's ear. Now while Pat was speaking to the ass, now boys, what did he do? Well he spat the tobacco juice in his ear, he did bedad, tis true! The ass went mad, upset the cart, smashed all the earthenware, And bejapers lads the Cockney, he went crazy clear on the square Well he called for a policeman to take poor Pat in charge, Saying seize this Irish vagabond for he shouldn't be at large! Well begone you English spalpeen cried Paddy with a smile, For you took me for an ass 'cause I came from Erin's isle. Well before the magistrate, poor Pat he had to stand next day To account all for his crimes, he asked him what he'd to say Well bedad says Pat, I'm charged with more than I did I just spoke to me brother, and I did as I was bid Well now said the magistrate don't you know that the ass went mad Well indeed I do said Paddy, and I'm sorry too, bedad. Well be careful said the magistrate for we'll have no nonsense here; So just come and tell us every word that you whispered in his ear. Well indeed I will said Paddy that request I can't refuse. For I oft times heard that donkeys, they were very fond of news So I thought I might say something the oul donkey's heart to cheer And now I'll tell you every word that I whispered in his ear. Well I told the ass said Paddy that we had our wrongs redressed, That noble wealthy (hearted) Irishmen were no longer oppressed. We got rid of all the landlords, Ireland to ourselves we have; And when the donkey heard the news well bejapers he went mad! Well to hide his face the magistrate well he had to stoop his head For he couldn't stop from laughing when he heard what Paddy said Well good luck to you, bold Pat, says he, a clever rogue you are And for your clever answer I'll dismiss you from the bar

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