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We For One Another

Peggy Seeger / Traditional Arrangement The Black Family
Come pledge again your heart and hand One grasp that ne’er will sever Our password be our native land Our motto “Love Forever” Chorus Let the orange lily be Your badge, my sister and my brother It’s the everlasting green for me And we for one another Behold how green the gallant stem On which the flower is blooming How in one heavenly beam and breeze Both flower and stem are growing Chorus The same good soil sustaining both Makes both united flourish Yet cannot give the orange growth And cease the green to nourish Chorus The more the hand that plucks that flower Will vainly strive to cherish But in that hour the stem blooms on The flower it begins to perish Chorus Regard them then of equal worth While last their genial weather The time is at hand when deep in earth Our roots will sink together Chorus Even though it be in our country’s cause Our party feelings blended ‘Til lasting peace from equal laws On both will have descended. Chorus

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