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Zoological Gardens

Traditional Arrangement The Black Family
Chorus Thunder and lightening is no lark When Dublin city is on the dark If you've not any money, go up to the park And view the Zoological Gardens Last Sunday night we had no dough So we took the mot up to see the Zoo We saw the lions and the kangaroos Up in the Zoological Gardens Chorus So we went up there be' Castleknock Says the mot to me sure we'll court by the lock I knew she was one of the rare oul' stock Up by the Zoological Gardens Chorus Says the mot to me now me dear friend Jack Sure I'd love a ride on the elephant's back If you don't get moving you'll get such a crack Up in the Zoological Gardens Chorus We went out there on our honeymoon Says the mot to me if you don't come soon I'll have to get in with the hairy baboon Inside the Zoological Gardens Chorus x2

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