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The Recruiting Sergeant

Dave Richardson
Well as I was going along the road A-feeling fine and larky A recruiting sergeant says to me "You'd look fine in khaki Our king he is in need of men Come read his proclamation Live in Flanders now me boys Would make a fine vacation Well I turned around and I says to him, "Now tell me sergeant dearie, If I'd a pack stuck on me back, Do you think I'd look cheery? You'd make me drill and train Until I'd damn near lost me senses. It might be warm in Flanders, But it's draughty in the trenches." Well he turned around his wee bit cane And then he looked provokin' He twisted and twisted his wee moustache, Says he, "You must be jokin'. Them sandbags are so nice and warm, The wine will keep you glowin'. The cailins will take a shine to you," Says I, "What if it's snowin'?" "Come rain or hail or wind or shine, I'm not going out to Flanders. There's fightin' on in Dublin town With your Captains and Commanders. Let Englishmen fight English wars, It's bloody near time they started." So I tipped me hat to the sergeant bold And then I fondly parted.