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Wheel the Perambulator

Traditional Arrangement The Black Family
Well now we've got the baby And what a babe she is Her eyes are green, she's quite a queen We call her pretty Liz And every night when I get home Me wife she says to me Get the perambulator John And don't go far away Chorus Wheel the perambulator John Wheel it nice and slow Don't ged riled, mind the child Careful as you go When you turn the corner John When you cross the road Just cock your front wheels up a bit Or over goes the load Last time I took the baby out It was in the pram I turned the bloomin' thing upside-down I don't know where I am I cracked the baby's head And I took a piece off her nose And now I daren't go home For fear of my wife Rose Chorus The other night when we went out We left the babe behind I said to me wife I think you're very kind But as we were awalkin' along We met with Mrs Gray She had the perambulator And she was goin' our way Chorus Repeart first verse Chorus

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