The State Of Alabama

Traditional. Arrangement The Black Family

Well, it God bless you Pappy
Can't you hear me cry
It's not a place to live in
Neither fit for you or I
But a good time is coming
So Pappy do not cry
For we're going to leave
The state of Alabama

O boys, there is a consolation
Ever since the Emancipation
Down among the Negro population
In the good ole state of Alabama

Well, I took a walk up to Washington
That free and pleasant land
And it's there the stranger welcomed me
And he took me by the hand
And he made me drink old whiskey
Until I couldn't stand
Not like the good old state of Alabama

Well now the war is over
And freedom there will be
We will call the white man brother now
The same as you or me
But freedom's so long in coming
And slaves we sure will be
Down in the good old state of Alabama

Can be found on the album Our Time Together