Now I Have to Call Him Father

Collins / Godfrey

Well I used to be as happy as the birdies on the trees
Thats when I was courting and its in my memories
I used to feel so happy with my henry by my side
Looking forward to the day when I would be his bride
But now he's thrown me over and I'm ful of misery
For someone else has wiped my eye with William Henry


Now he used to come and court his little Marianne
I used to think that he was my young man
But mother caught his eye and they got married on the sly
And now I have to call him father

Well he used to hold my hand and say he'd walk with me through life
But now he's thrown me over for a second handed wife
And on his wedding day when he was married to mama
He said run along and wash your face and kiss your new papa


Well later on in after years it broke my heart indeed
To see him cuddle mammy as he used to cuddle me
At ten o'clock last night I felt I'd like to punch his head
When he said "Run along its time to go to bed"
The next young man I'll meet I'll let him leave me to the door
But I'll never introduce him to me mother anymore


Can be found on the album What a Time