Sweet Liberty

John Shields

A little Irish man am I
A radical indeed sir
And radical I mean to die
In my religious creed sir
I love all men I do declare
Me church has taught me this sir
To some me love is quite sincere
To others it is less sir


Sweet liberty's the thing for me
For it I ever feel sir
And Ireland free from slavery
It is the prayer of Shields sir

A man of my religious creed
Suppose he was a bad man
Were I to help him in his need
Would I not be a madman
The Jew he is me fellow man
The Turk the same indeed sir
To the infidel I'd wish him well
And help him in his need sir


If one is good it's naught to me
What is the creed or clan sir
The earth is all one family
From Adam and Eve began sir
But the one who puts oppression down
Well that's the one for me sir
I care not whether black or brown
Or church or country sir


Can be found on the album Time For Touching Home