Dark and Roving Eye

Traditional. Arrangement The Black Family

Well, as I went out one evening all on a night's career
I spied a lofty clipper ship and up to her I steered
Well, I hoisted her me signals that she so quickly knew
But when she saw my buntin' flag she immediately hoved to


Oh she'd a dark and a rovin' eye and her hair hung down in ringlets
She were a nice girl, a decent girl but one of the rakish kind

Well she said kind sir excuse me for being out so late
For if me parents knew of this then sad would be my fate
For me father he's a minister, a true and honest man
But me mother she's a dancin' girl and I do the best I can

Well, so I deemed her company for a sailor lad like me
I kissed her once, I kissed her twice, she said be nice to me
Well I fondled her, I cuddled her and found to my surprise
She was nothing but a fireship rigged out in a disguise

Well, come all ye salt sea sailors who sail the seven seas
Likewise all you 'prentice lads this warning take from me
For steer clear of lofty fireships, for me the money's well spent
For one's burned all me money up and left me broke and bent

Can be found on the album The Black Family